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  • 13.10.2019
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Kazralmaran | 21.10.2019
if i was driving down the street and eyed them filming. im ambling up
Mejind | 20.10.2019
I’m about 90% certain that Brienne, Jamie and Podrick we’re still alive when the wights all crumbled. Same for Tormund but I am not sure about Gendry. Also saw Sam crying on a pile or corpses like the little pus- coward he is. Not completely sure about grey worm either. There was a LOT to absorb this episode and I watched it after getting off a night shift.
Arashijind | 17.10.2019
Call me cynical/skeptical, but i would wonder if this was a ploy to keep you around... certainly wouldn't be the first time someone did something like that

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